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Andrea Lacson

I'm a front end developer with a love for Javascript and React, and a passion for diversity. A former book publishing professional, I transitioned to web development due to an insatiable need to learn and build things.

About Me
I'm a graduate of the Web Development Immersive at Juno College, where I solidified my knowledge in HTML, CSS, responsive design, JavaScript and React.
In my previous career, I worked with metadata in the book industry where I managed all of the book data across two publishing companies. Here, I gained skills in project management, organization, as well as a strong attention to detail.
I'm looking for
My dream company would be a place that builds products that help people. It would value its employees and listen to what they have to say.
My dream role would be a role where I would be able to have many opportunities to learn. It would provide me with enough space to work independently, which the knowledge that a team is always there to support me.
Web Developer

Toronto, Remote, New York, LA, Bay Area, Seattle

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