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Alanna Burke

I'm a backend Drupal developer looking to move into more people-focused work like training, speaking, advocacy, etc. I'm very involved in diversity &inclusion efforts, as well as community and event organizing.

About Me
I have been a part of the Drupal community as a backend developer for many years, and as I close out my first decade in the working world, I’ve realized that I want to be more than just a developer - I want to do good and give back as part of my day job. I love volunteering as part of the Drupal Diversity & Inclusion leadership team, I love being part of the program team for DrupalCon, and I really enjoy speaking at conferences and camps. A position where I can work with a community and work for developers and community members is where I can really shine - being a developer advocate or something in that realm would be great, but there are a lot of optioins in terms of community-oriented roles.
I have always been passionate about getting more folks into development and programming - especially diverse groups - and breaking down barriers to entry. As part of the Drupal Diversity & Inclusion initiative, we’ve created a contrib team to onboard new Drupalists and help them get comfortable with the Drupal system, the issue queue, the patch workflow, and more - all the while advocating to make every step easier. Helping new devs step in and make their first patches and commits makes me so happy! I love working with developers in any capacity - teaching, outreach, community organizing, and I have a good idea of what the open-source developer ecosystem needs and wants. I also really enjoy training people - that's something I have been doing lately, and find satisfying. I enjoy making documentation and teaching people how to use technology.
I'm looking for
I'd love to work for an open source or non-profit company, or one similarly aligned in values. It's important to me that I work for a company that does good in the world.
My dream role is one where I am working with both technology and people, teaching and doing good, furthering a mission, making a community more welcoming, all to help the project flourish.
Developer Advocate


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