A series featuring underrepresented people in tech looking for jobs.

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#ChangeTheRatio is a series featuring underrepresented people in tech who are looking for jobs. If you are hiring, please reach out directly. If you are an ally who wants to make tech a supportive and inclusive environment, share your network! If you know of someone hiring, introduce them to this group.

Here are some things to consider:

1. Check your bias. Make sure you are paying equal attention to people of color.

2. Reach out to folks even if you don't have a position right now. Get to know them and come back to them when you do have a position available.

3. If you are serious about bringing diversity to your company, change the way you hire. Don't be afraid to hire bootcamp graduates and people with non-traditional tech backgrounds.

4. Please don't send jobs that require 1+ years of experience to entry-level developers. If a position doesn't actually require years of experience, let them know.

5. Gentle reminder that they are interviewing you and and your company as much you are interviewing them. Be respectful and supportive.

Photo of Emily Jennings

Emily Jennings

Software Engineer, Ruby Developer, React Developer, Front End Developer
Location: Washington DC, Arlington, VA, Alexandria, VA, Remote

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I’m a junior engineer but a mid-career professional. Programming is a passion that I discovered in the past few years, and I’m addicted. I’ve been a teacher, a philosopher, an event planner, an admissions manager, volunteered with non-profits, and lived abroad. Now I’m here to build great tech to make the world a nicer place to live, to have fun doing it, and to learn a ton.

Photo of Gabrielle Micheletti

Gabrielle Micheletti

Product Manager, Developer Advocate, Ambassador/Recruiter, Design Evangelist
Location: Remote or open to relocation

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Entrepreneurial, design-minded, humane technologist. Exposure to Solidity + blockchain engineering via developer course auditing, as well as Javascript, Python, Ruby on Rails, CSS, and Processing. Bilingual Italian, also studied Spanish, French, Classical Greek + Latin. I have a diversity of deep experience with applied research in many client facing roles, and a hybrid profile that touches on multidiscipline spheres of design, tech, and business. Passionate about inclusion, co-liberation, redecentralization, open-source, and social impact.

Photo of Lucy Suddenly

Lucy Suddenly

Full-Stack Web Developer
Location: Seattle, Remote

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My name is Lucy, I'm a 32 year old trans woman from Seattle, WA. I'm a bright, analytical full-stack web developer.

Photo of Oliver Leigh Coley

Oliver Leigh Coley

Wed Developer, Front End Developer, Full-Stack Developer
Location: Northern Virginia, DC

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I am a junior developer with a background in education and art. I have both front-end and back-end experience, and work primarily in JavaScript (React, Node, Express) as well as Sequelize/PostgreSQL.

Photo of Kevon Eaglin

Kevon Eaglin

Software Developer, Web Developer, Software Engineer
Location: Remote, DC, Austin, Atlanta, Detroit, Oakland, Raleigh, Chicago

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👨🏾‍💻 Software Developer. Design Enthusiast. Happy Hubby. Nerd. ENT(P/J)-T.

Photo of Christina Thompson

Christina Thompson

Software Engineer, Web Developer, Software Developer, Full Stack Developer
Location: Baltimore, DC, Remote

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Software Engineer and Public Interest Technologist looking for my first dev role. (JS/Node/React/*whatever gets the job done)

Photo of Alex Manzo

Alex Manzo

Front-End Developer
Location: Durham/Raleigh/Chapel Hill, NC or Remote

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I'm a front-end developer with a passion for finding the marriage between technology & design.

Photo of Keziyah Lewis

Keziyah Lewis

Web Developer, Full Stack Developer, Frontend Developer, Developer Advocate, Developer and Designer
Location: Remote

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I'm a full stack developer and designer.

Photo of Shripriya Prabhakar

Shripriya Prabhakar

Web developer, front-end, fullstack, backend
Location: Bay Area

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Software Engineer Full Stack Engineer, Frontend developer, Backend Engineer

Photo of vincent guibert

vincent guibert

Consultant en organisation & chargé de mission à l'international.
Location: No preference

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Consultant en organisation & chargé de mission à l'international.

Photo of Ashley E White

Ashley E White

Data Science, Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Strategy, Research Analyst
Location: New Orleans, Atlanta, Austin, Remote

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I am a free thinker determined to use data science to democratize critical thinking and decision making in the workplace and society.

Photo of Tae'lur Alexis

Tae'lur Alexis

Front-End Developer or Developer Advocate
Location: No preference

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I am a Front-End Developer passionate about making the web more inclusive and enhancing user experience.

Photo of Lynn Celestine

Lynn Celestine

Web Developer Mainly. I work both front end and back end with the Nerds Stack. I also have some experience in mobile too.
Location: Nyc in the office (Flexibility would be nice)

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I'm very analytical and thoughtful. I love to play deep video games, express my self how I'm happy through fashion, and learning about the mind.

Photo of Qa'id Jacobs

Qa'id Jacobs

UX Designer / Product Designer / Design Mentor
Location: Remote

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I'm a designer and thinker cut from a different cloth. I've done creative and strategic work in 5 different industries over the past 15 years. As a father, DJ, and partner, I've got strong opinions that are [usually] loosely held.

Photo of Amandine Flachs

Amandine Flachs

Associate within an investment fund, operations or investors relations within an Angel syndicate or accelerator, program manager.
Location: London or remote

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Emerging tech advocate, I have been working with early-stage tech startups for the past 8 years in France, the USA and now in the UK. Today I am looking to do more to support founders joining an investment fund or initiative to help entrepreneurs.

Photo of Laura Godinez

Laura Godinez

Software Engineer
Location: Bay Area (SF, Oakland, etc)

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Hello! I'm Code2040 Alumni graduating May 2019; looking for software engineering opportunities, preferably backend or full-stack. :)

Photo of Kimberly McCaffrey

Kimberly McCaffrey

Front-End Developer or Quality Analyst
Location: Minneapolis, Remote

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Career shifting from Military Spouse to Developer. Would love to work in Minneapolis!

Photo of Nanis Kanana

Nanis Kanana

Big Data analyst-entry level or internship
Location: No preference

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I am a student at Ashesi University studying Computer Science and graduating in MAY 2019. I am passionate about Big data analytics and Machine Learning.

Photo of Fisher Adelakin

Fisher Adelakin

Software Engineer
Location: Remote, LA, SF/SV, NYC, Seattle

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Hi, I'm Fisher and I make things (art, music, w/e) with code.

Photo of Anamaria Najera

Anamaria Najera

UX Designer
Location: San Francisco, CA

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Hi! I'm a junior UX Designer with experience in mobile design. Currently learning front-end web development and trying to gain more experience in UX design.

Photo of Deborah Otuagomah

Deborah Otuagomah

Data Science Intern, Data Analyst Intern
Location: Remote

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I'm a budding data scientist with a background in law.

Photo of Cody Castro

Cody Castro

People Operations, Recruiting, HR, Customer Support, Customer Success
Location: NYC, Remote

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I'm currently in a People & Culture Manager role after being an office manager for two years at an EdTech company. I have varied interests and wouldn't mind leaving People/HR; I want to stay in Tech.

Photo of Roberto Santos

Roberto Santos

Software engineer, web developer, web designer
Location: No preference

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Software engineer, musician, outdoorsman and prolific reader, born and raised in the Mariana Islands. I’m passionate about cross-cultural communication, diversity and cross-cultural communication.

Photo of Iqra Shaikh

Iqra Shaikh

Data Science,Machine Learning,Technical Product Manager
Location: No preference

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My name is Iqra and I am currently a graduate student in Computer Engineering at New York University.

Photo of Daniel Madalitso Phiri

Daniel Madalitso Phiri

Developer Advocate
Location: No preference

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Developer Advocate and Community Lead

Photo of Maple Ong

Maple Ong

iOS Engineer
Location: No Preference

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I am a mobile developer with a degree in health sciences. I started out as a health researcher before finding my passion in software development.

Photo of Miriam Darteh

Miriam Darteh

Web Developer, Designer, Social Media Marketer
Location: remote

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Miriam is a tech enthusiast.

Photo of Grace Witter

Grace Witter

Front End Web Developer
Location: Remote

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A curious and passionate developer who believes that it’s not about the languages I know, it’s about breaking projects down into small chunks, communicating with my team, and embracing every opportunity to learn. Proven ability to deliver pixel-perfect results while working under pressure with tight deadlines. Approaches projects from a user-focused perspective to ensure websites are accessible to all users and adaptive to all devices and browsers.

Photo of Vincent Garcia

Vincent Garcia

Full-Stack Developer, Front End Engineer, Web Developer, UI/UX Developer, Backend Engineer
Location: Los Angeles, Santa Monica, or Remote

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I am a Full-Stack Engineer with a specialty in the MERN Stack. I am eager to learn any technology to create a customer-orientated product or service.

Photo of Ricardo Roque

Ricardo Roque

Software Engineer, Full Stack Engineer, Frontend developer, Backend Engineer, Web Developer
Location: San Francisco Bay Area

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Full-stack software engineer and recent graduate of Hack Reactor with a B.A in Psychology from UC Berkeley. I currently work most frequently with JavaScript, React, Express, and Node.js. I combine my technical skills with communication and problem-solving skills gained from over 10 years of prior experience in people-facing roles across healthcare and hospitality to effectively collaborate across teams and solve real-world problems with clean optimized software solutions.

Photo of Yetunde Sola-Adebayo

Yetunde Sola-Adebayo

Web Developer
Location: United States

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Passionate Web Developer with 3+ years’ experience in programming, seeking to leverage solid skills in math, logic, and cross-platform coding as a programmer for your company

Photo of Tanja Medic

Tanja Medic

UX Designer, UX Researcher, Product Designer, Design Lead etc.
Location: remote

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Designer with 6 years of designing user experiences, 9 years of building interfaces, and 11 years of hands on knowledge building Web sites and applications for various industries. Responsive Design: 5 years; Mobile Design: 2 years; Web Design: 11 years.

Photo of William Mena

William Mena

Software Engineer, Web Developer, Full Stack, Front end
Location: No preference

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I'm a Developer with a wide range of skills and experiences. I'm a team player and one of the most hard working people you'll ever meet.

Photo of Julius Bradley

Julius Bradley

Full Stack Developer, Software Engineer, Web Developer
Location: Portland, Seattle, Remote, Los Angeles,Vancouver,BC,

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Full Stack Engineer and graduate of CodeCore bootcamp in Vancouver, BC. My skill set includes Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Express.js, Node.js, HTML5, and CSS3. Currently seeking opportunities to further my career transition into the IT field.

Photo of Kate Harvey-Vieira

Kate Harvey-Vieira

Front-end Web Developer
Location: Toronto, Montreal, Remote

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I'm a recent university graduate looking to get into the tech industry. I am interested in web development, machine learning, logic & mathematics!

Photo of Abhijeet Mote

Abhijeet Mote

Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Python Developer, ETL Developer, Automation Engineer
Location: No Preference

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I am Python Evangelist and enthusiastic about the open source technology

Photo of Chanida Chaiya

Chanida Chaiya

Front-End Web Developer
Location: DC metro area

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I am a Full-Stack Web Developer who loves to find different ways to solve problems. I would like to use my skills in web development to make a more meaningful impact.

Photo of Thom Ivy

Thom Ivy

Designer, Product Manager, Customer Service Manager, Digital Marketing Manager
Location: Thrilled to come to your team or stay remote.

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Product, customer service and marketing manager.

Photo of Rachel M. Murray

Rachel M. Murray

Service designer, design strategist, strategic designer, UX researcher and product designer
Location: New York City but open to relocation for the right team

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I'm a service designer and researcher in NYC interested in helping create social impact interventions to help people thrive.

Photo of Greg Bedford

Greg Bedford

Illustrator, Designer, Front-end Developer
Location: Remote, Colorado, Illinois, Georgia

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Hi there! I am Greg Bedford, a visual designer and illustrator from Illinois. I create icons, illustrations, and user interfaces for web and mobile apps.

Photo of Nishka Dasgupta

Nishka Dasgupta

Software Developer
Location: India

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Interested in computer security (particularly unconditional/post-quantum)

Photo of Karen Garcia dos Santos

Karen Garcia dos Santos

Software Engineer
Location: No preference

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As a Developer I am always striving for technical excellence, as well as build an equitable future on tech, I do it by studying and practicing.

Photo of Sayantika Banik

Sayantika Banik

Product manager,Developer, Developer advocate/evangelist
Location: Open to relocate

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An avid explorer, working to make diversity as a vision .

Photo of Femy Praseeth

Femy Praseeth

WordPress developer
Location: remote

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Custom WordPress developer. I work with teams to build websites from design mockups. Looking for long term projects preferably.

Photo of Waqar Mohammad

Waqar Mohammad

Web developer
Location: U.K., Europe, Remote

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After graduating with a Law Degree, I decided to stick with my passion for software engineering through self-learning. I work with Javascript and PHP

Photo of Stephanie Orpilla

Stephanie Orpilla

Software Developer, Software Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, AI Engineer, Data Scientist
Location: Los Angeles

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I am a creative engineer passionate about data-driven, multidisciplinary approaches to problem-solving.

Photo of Sophonie Milande Joseph

Sophonie Milande Joseph

Data Scientist; Survey Research; Monitoring and Evaluation; Assessments
Location: No preference

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I am an urban planner and applied researcher. I enjoy conducting applied, mixed-methods research and ethnographic exploration of targeted beneficiaries lived experiences to develop policy recommendations for improved practice.

Photo of Donita Mathis

Donita Mathis

Frontend Developer/UI Developer/Frontend Engineer
Location: Atlanta, Remote, Open to relocation for the right opportunity

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I am a Grow with Google Alum and UI Engineer who develops code that creates dynamic user experiences that communicates the design intent.

Photo of Ishween Kaur

Ishween Kaur

Software Engineer, Web Developer, Back-end Developer, Data Analyst
Location: No Preference

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I am Ishween Kaur, pursuing my Bachelors in Computer Science Engineering. I am a pre-final year student from India. I am dedicated, enthusiastic and hard working towards my work. I love to explore technologies which define me where I am. My university has taught me fundamentals and capable to work in the corporate world and apply it for solving real-world problems. I know C++, Java, Python, Flask, SQLAlchemy, OOPS, OOD, TDD, MVC Architecture, Restful API, MySQL, Neo4j, Data Structures and Algorithms.

Photo of Marissa Wood

Marissa Wood

Web Developer/Software Engineer
Location: Washington, DC, willing to relocate for a great opportunity

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I’m a Software Engineer with a background in physics who is seeking new ways to solve problems and bring people together. My curiosity and competitive nature bolster my continuous pursuit of self-improvement.

Photo of Kristen Leach

Kristen Leach

Full Stack Web Developer, Frontend Developer, Backend Developer
Location: Remote

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I am a full stack web developer with experience using Ruby on Rails, Javascript, and React. I have a passion for creating practical, functional web applications that streamline everyday processes.

Photo of Lara Ek

Lara Ek

Full-Stack Web Developer, Front-End Web Developer, Database Administrator
Location: Northern VA, DC, remote; available for travel but not relocation

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Full-stack web dev who builds beautiful, functional websites using React, Node, MySQL, Handlebars, Express, HTML/CSS, and Javascript. Fluent in Mandarin and Hungarian; published sci-fi author.

Photo of Akarsha Sehwag

Akarsha Sehwag

Machine Learning Engineer or Data Scientist
Location: Europe, US

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Extremely interested in Data Science & Machine Learning. Love to work on anything creating an impact on the masses.

Photo of Alexis R. Stewart

Alexis R. Stewart

SDET, SRE, DevOps, or Front-End Development
Location: DC, Remote

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I am a senior QA looking to explore new career opportunities such as SDET, SRE, DevOps, or Front-End Development. I enjoy working for companies with a purpose.

Photo of Prithvi Gandhi

Prithvi Gandhi

Data Scientist, Data Analyst
Location: NYC, Remote

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I am a data analyst working in NYC. I am passionate about using data to solve problems and love learning about new technologies.

Photo of Elizabeth Lin

Elizabeth Lin

Web Developer, Designer, Data Scientist, Software Engineer, Design/Test Engineer, Machine Learning Team Engineer Intern
Location: Remote, No preference

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Curious and open-minded innovator, seeking pathways to refine learning experiences for others through the use of technology. I am very interested in expanding technical skills in data science, machine learning, and product management. As a student in the UW STARS Engineering Program, I am studying computer science and math to develop skills to craft new products for education and health.

Photo of Soona Mata

Soona Mata

Software Developer, Data Analyst
Location: San Francisco Bay Area

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Hi! I recently left a software engineering apprenticeship/ bootcamp and am looking for roles as a junior engineer or data analyst!

Photo of Pearl McPhee

Pearl McPhee

Front-end Developer
Location: DC, Remote, VA and MD if metro accessible

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I’m a creative technologist who is passionate about social change, mentoring and continuous learning.

Photo of Navraj Narula

Navraj Narula

Software Engineer or Data Scientist
Location: Boston, New York, San Francisco, or Remote

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My name is Navie Narula and I am a recent masters graduate from Columbia University, where I studied computer science with a focus on natural language processing and computational journalism. I am passionate about building systems and features that prevent abuse and would love to especially work at a social media company or any company whose mission aligns with social good.

Photo of Shaan Chopra

Shaan Chopra

Location: No preference

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I am a final year undergraduate student in computer science engineering at IIIT Delhi with an experience in research. My areas of interest are human computer interaction, social computing and applied machine learning. Besides this I am sports, fitness enthusiast and also love sketching.

Photo of Eugene Anthony McBride

Eugene Anthony McBride

Network Security Engineer
Location: No preference

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I am pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Cyber Security. I have diverse experience and leadership in multiple fields throughout my life making me a valuable asset.

Photo of Charmaine Estacio

Charmaine Estacio

Software Engineer, Full Stack
Location: San Francisco/Oakland

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I'm a San Francisco native and a full stack software engineer with a background in education and early stage, high growth startups.

Photo of  Daphnie Donnell

Daphnie Donnell

Web Developer
Location: Remote

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I am an experienced Senior Quality Analyst with a demonstrated history of working in the healthcare industry. Also, I am a Freelance Web Developer skilled in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript and jQuery. I am seeking a remote Front-End Developer position.

Photo of Traci Thompson

Traci Thompson

Full stack developer, Back end developer, Front end developer
Location: Remote

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I am full stack web developer with a passion for making the world a better place. I have a varied background of experiences which help me to see my work from unique perspectives.

Photo of Nalut Sangtakraw

Nalut Sangtakraw

Web Developer
Location: DC Metro, Remote

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I’m a self-motivated full stack developer with a focus on MERN stack. I have 5+ years in information technology with skills and experiences in software development and data analysis. I enjoy building beautiful and interactive web applications.

Photo of Sara Schwarz

Sara Schwarz

Project Manager, Sales Engineer, Product Manager
Location: DC, Northern Virginia, remote

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I am versatile, client-focused, detail-oriented professional with 5+ years of project management experience. Switching from a technical field to the IT field after attending a coding bootcamp.

Photo of Lidia Santoyan

Lidia Santoyan

Graphic Designer
Location: DC metro area, Fairfax county

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I'm a graphic designer with 2 years of experience. I specialize in digital and print design and I'm proficient in Adobe creative suite.

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