A series featuring underrepresented people in tech looking for jobs.

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#ChangeTheRatio is a series featuring underrepresented people in tech who are looking for jobs. If you are hiring, please reach out directly. If you are an ally who wants to make tech a supportive and inclusive environment, share your network! If you know of someone hiring, introduce them to this group.

Here are some things to consider:

1. Check your bias. Make sure you are paying equal attention to people of color.

2. Reach out to folks even if you don't have a position right now. Get to know them and come back to them when you do have a position available.

3. If you are serious about bringing diversity to your company, change the way you hire. Don't be afraid to hire bootcamp graduates and people with non-traditional tech backgrounds.

4. Please don't send jobs that require 1+ years of experience to entry-level developers. If a position doesn't actually require years of experience, let them know.

5. Gentle reminder that they are interviewing you and and your company as much you are interviewing them. Be respectful and supportive.

Photo of Jules Santiago

Jules Santiago

I am looking for Project Coordinator position within the world of tech.
Location: Remote, San Francisco, New York

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Hello I'm Jules, I have worked in Ai/tech for almost a year now with experience in Quality Operations and Project Coordination.

Photo of Kenny Nieh

Kenny Nieh

Product Designer
Location: San Francisco Bay Area

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Design Generalist / Inclusive Thinker / People Person

Photo of Sudha Kumar

Sudha Kumar

Data Engineer / Software Engineer / Python Developer
Location: Remote, Greater San Diego area, CA

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I am a Software Engineer in Data Engineering skilled in Python / SQL / C++.

Photo of Jyotsna Anand

Jyotsna Anand

web developer
Location: remote

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i am software developer having 3 years of experience. I have been worked in different technologies and languages.

Photo of Ikram, Omar Salim

Ikram, Omar Salim

Data Scientist, Software engineer, Full-stack developer
Location: Willing to relocate, Remote

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I am a software engineering major at the University of Saskatchewan who is looking for a summer, fall, winter internship in US/Canada.

Photo of Bekah Hawrot Weigel

Bekah Hawrot Weigel

Web Developer
Location: Remote

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I'm a Front End Developer, who taught college English for ten years prior to making the career transition. I've spent the last year working with React, but I have experience with Ruby and Rails as well.

Photo of Blaire


Head of Learning & Development
Location: Remote

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With my unique blend of Sales, Performance Management, Employee & Customer Training expertise, I have built a solid foundation to truly serve as a change agent with organizations who are experiencing rapid growth.

Photo of Angel Young

Angel Young

Web Developer
Location: Remote, Philadelphia, New York City

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Bootcamp graduate that loves all things web development.

Photo of Lindsey Gemmill

Lindsey Gemmill

Senior Level Designer or Creative Director or Higher
Location: Ocean City, MD or Remote

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I’m an accessibility certified web/ux designer with experience building websites and products. My ability to code with HTML and CSS allows me to bridge the gap between design and development teams.

Photo of Rebecca Willett

Rebecca Willett

Full stack / front end web developer
Location: Miami, FL or remote

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MBA turned web developer with experience in startups and social impact

Photo of Leonard Kanyesigye

Leonard Kanyesigye

Web Developer
Location: Remote

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Self-motivated Web Developer curious about "how stuff works"

Photo of Regis Neza

Regis Neza

Front-end developer
Location: Remote

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I am a computer scientist and Andela coding Bootcamp graduate in primarily with Html, Css and JavaScript

Photo of Julianna Rodríguez

Julianna Rodríguez

UX Designer
Location: Remote, Brooklyn, Puerto Rico

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Digital Designer from Puerto Rico based in NY, focused on using UX to help underrepresented communities thrive

Photo of Hanan Hamza

Hanan Hamza

Web Developer
Location: Remote

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I'm a web developer with around 2 years of experience. I like React

Photo of Lauren Gulland

Lauren Gulland

Machine Learning Engineer
Location: San Francisco, Bay Area

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I'm a software engineer with experience developing machine learning models and infrastructure. I'm excited by collaborative, fast-paced environments, and challenging, impactful problems.

Photo of Julia Jacobs

Julia Jacobs

Solutions Architect
Location: Austin, Remote

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Always growing and learning, my current passion is using cloud products to create amazing rapid feature to market, enterprise level applications.

Photo of Katalina Rodriguez

Katalina Rodriguez

Digital Marketing
Location: San Francisco, CA

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Digital & Social Media Marketing

Photo of Eriol Fox

Eriol Fox

Senior/Lead Designer
Location: UK, Europe or Remote.

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Eriol is a Design Lead who has worked in-house for 9+ years. Eriol now runs Humanitarian.design human rights-focused and humanitarian design consultancy. Before that, they worked at Ushahidi, a non-profit developing open-source, digital tools to help people with democratic processes, human rights, and crises like typhoons, earthquakes and terrorism. Eriol is a non-binary, queer person who uses they/them pronouns and an LGBTQIA+ advocate.

Photo of Andrea Lacson

Andrea Lacson

Web Developer
Location: Toronto, Remote, New York, LA, Bay Area, Seattle

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I'm a front end developer with a love for Javascript and React, and a passion for diversity. A former book publishing professional, I transitioned to web development due to an insatiable need to learn and build things.

Photo of J. Eduardo Rodriguez

J. Eduardo Rodriguez

Front-End Developer/Web Developer
Location: Denver, No preference

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My emphasis is on front end technologies, resourceful problem solving, and collaboration. I enjoy working on a friendly, user focused team building software applications that are accessible and easy to use.

Photo of Tana Joseph

Tana Joseph

Public speaker, science/technical consultant, data consultant, science/technical communications
Location: Manchester, UK; remote

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I am a South African astronomer, science communicator and entrepreneur.

Photo of Nodira


Product Manager/Biz.Dev
Location: No preference

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A challenging woman leader in technology!

Photo of Aina Oluwatimilehin

Aina Oluwatimilehin

Web developer
Location: No preference

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I'm Frontend Developer that code using the best practices and using the best accessibility elements.

Photo of Jonathan Amparo

Jonathan Amparo

Front-End Web Developer, Software Developer, Full-Stack Developer, Back-End Developer
Location: Washington, DC, Baltimore, Maryland, Virginia

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Hi! My name is Jonathan. I'm a Front End Developer with Full-Stack knowledge. I enjoy creating things, solving problems, and working with a team to build awesome things for the future.

Photo of Aransiola Ayodele I

Aransiola Ayodele I

Web developer, Wordpress developer, UI design
Location: Remote, Open to Relocation

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I am passionate about EDTECH and STEM, which makes me focus on training teenagers on different sect of IT and its usefulness to them and their society. I look forward to acquire more experience from organizations.

Photo of Nilesh Gulia

Nilesh Gulia

Software Engineer, Frontend,UI/UX
Location: India,Remote,Berlin

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SDE intern at HackerRank, Previously Frontend at Kitconcept Gmbh, GSoC 2018 at Plone Foundation

Photo of Sai Honig

Sai Honig

Cloud security consultant or architect
Location: DC, remote

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Multicultural, multilingual, multipotentialite, world traveller, US citizen living in New Zealand

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