A collection of resources for underrepresented people in tech

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A series featuring underrepresented people in tech looking for jobs
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Diversify Tech - Resources for underrepresented people in tech 👩🏾‍💻 | Product Hunt Embed
Taylor FacenTaylor Facen
"Thanks to this resource, I got a scholarship to go to this year’s #JupyterCon conference. If you’re interested in going to a conference, definitely check it out!"
September 17, 2018
Chelsea GalvezChelsea Galvez
"Thank you for your resources and work on Diversify Tech. I have been subscribed to your newsletter and found out about it from there. Since then, I have become more optimistic and excited on the amount of opportunities out there. And through your retweets in Diversify Tech, I got an internship this fall at Echobind! I had been so worried and stressed about getting a job more in line with my interests as opposed to falling back to retail work... Thanks so much you are an inspiration!"
Deborah MepaiyedaDeborah Mepaiyeda
"Thank you so much for the Diversify Tech newsletters that you send out. They are so helpful and really encouraging. It really helps in informing women about the amazing opportunities there are out there to learn and grow. I am motivated by what you do. Thank you once again!"

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